Sun Savers reveal five ways to bring your energy bills down this summer – The Scottish Sun

Even with the mercury rising there are still ways you can save money on the essentials in your home


The best ways students can save on energy bills this winter while at university | Finances | Student | The Independent

Students are one of the least likely demographics to switch energy supplier or tariff. They often fail to cash in on cheaper energy deals available, in spite of a constant struggle to get by each term on an ultra-tight budget. Sometimes student renters just accept the energy tariff that comes with their property and don’t question the eye-watering bills. Many believe renters with pre-pay meters can’t switch energy suppliers, or that the landlord has the final say in the home’s energy provider – myths that tend to be untrue.


Quick & Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Are you tired of the way that your bathroom looks? Is it time for a change? The great news is that if you would like to create a distinctive edge that sets your bathroom apart, whether it is in terms of function or style, there is absolutely no need for it to cost you a fortune. Below we have identified 3 of the easiest and most cost effective ways of making positive upgrades to your current bathroom set up. Upgrading Your Shower Head Upgrading your shower head may at first thought seem to be far too small a task to make a difference but that is rarely the case when it is done properly. For example, the installation of a waterfall head, which produces one long stream of water as opposed to individual needle-thin jets can make a dramatic difference to both the look of the shower and how well it works. Better yet, the installation of an LED shower head, whose lights change colour as the temperature does, can offer a dramatic change in the way your shower works and looks. Upgrading Your