Should You Bleed Your Radiators?

Radiators are probably the most common method of spreading the hot water around your house taking it from the boiler to each radiator in order to heat the entire house effectively. Whilst a properly installed boiler and radiator system should work efficiently for a number of years with the minimum amount of trouble it is important to make regular checks on your radiators. In order for the maximum efficiency you need to have regular maintenance checks of your boiler by a professional but checking whether radiators need bleeding is something which almost anybody should be able to manage. Releasing Trapped Air Bleeding a radiator is simply releasing the trapped air or trapped gas which is preventing the hot water from circulating and heating the radiator to the maximum. It really is quite simple to bleed radiators and can make a massive difference to the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. The first thing to do is to switch on the heating to warm up the radiators. The pressure m


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