Would You Know if Your Drains Were Blocked

Blocked drains can be a real pain at any time. Often caused by too many foreign objects being flushed away down the down the toilet or washed down the sink, a build up will begin to block pipes and drains leading to potentially serious future problems. It’s important to know what are the actual signs of your drains being blocked are though and as such we have created this article to give you a little help. Does Your Toilet Flush Properly? The most common sign of blocked drains is an inability to flush the toilet properly. If you attempt to flush your toilet, only to find that the bowl is filling up with water rather than draining away, there is every chance that there is a blockage somewhere in the system. In complete contrast to this, if the water does not fill up to its regular point, this can also be an indication that your pipe might be blocked. Is Water Coming Back Through The Plug Hole? Have you noticed water coming back through the plug hole when you take a shower? If this i


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