Your Guide To Solving Plumbing Problems – Now!

There are far too many people based in and around London who are faced with the prospect of having to deal with all manner of bad plumbing. Whilst the end problem is all too often very clear to see, the cause of the problem is not always to clear and it may take professional diagnosis to get to the bottom of the problem. The good news is though that the majority of the problems inexpensive to fix and can be rectified quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Do You Have a Poor Hot Water Supply? This is a particularly common problem and if you find that the problem is low hot water pressure there is a good chance that the system is gravity fed (header tank), which can be improved by adding a pump to the system. Alternatively, a better option is to fit a pressurised hot water system, using either an unvented cylinder or a combi-boiler. If the problem is poor hot water flow rate, the root cause of the problem is likely to be an undersized combination boiler — a very common problem where an


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