The 5 Things That You Should Know About Your Plumbing System

Most of the time we tend to take our plumbing system for granted because when it works, there are no worries. It is a good idea, however, to know a little bit about the plumbing because if something should happen to go amiss then we will be better prepared to handle the situation. So let us go over five major pieces of knowledge that are good to know about concerning your plumbing system. No. 1 There are gasses that exist in a plumbing system that can make us sick, as well as being explosive. There are bends in the pipes called traps, which actually collect and hold the water so that the gasses cannot pass through a certain point, thus protecting us from those gasses. The traps also stops any sewer crawlers from coming up into our sinks. No. 2 There are plumbing vents on our roof that allow air to flow into the system which enables the water to be able to flow down into the sewer pipes. This allows water to flow freely and quickly, which without the pipes, the water would drain very s


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