How to Save Water Every Time You Flush

It is relatively simple to save water every time you flush the toilet by adjusting the cistern. Around 30% of the water we use in our homes goes down the toilet so this is one area which can really help to make a difference. We are constantly under pressure to save precious resources and help the environment and this is just one small way in which everybody can do their part. Modern toilets these days are fitted with a dual flush system which can allow for a small flush if suitable or a larger flush when necessary. These are an excellent way of saving water and should be seriously considered if you are re-modelling or re-fitting your bathroom. Older toilets can also be adjusted to use less water in a variety of ways. Increasing Efficiency Adjusting the water level in the cistern can help to save water without reducing the efficiency of the toilet. The easiest way to check this level is the amount of water which is in the toilet cistern when the arm of the float is horizontal. You can


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