Have You Heard of the Water Hammer?

Have you ever noticed your pipes making a banging sound? Ever wondered what causes this banging? Known within the trade as water hammer, the very annoying problem is all too common in many old properties found within London which still use old plumbing systems. Banging noises from water pipes can be alarming especially if it is the first time for you to hear it. However, you should not worry since this situation is manageable when handled properly. What Causes the Problems? Once the weather begins to turn and it starts getting a bit colder, the switching on of domestic heating systems is the pre-curser for many people to starting experiencing recurrent banging through the pipes. Typically found within the cold water system because this is mains fed and at a higher pressure than the gravity fed system, the noise is created by moving pipes which bang on under-floor surfaces or on other pipes. Because pipes are excellent conductors of sound, the noise can be magnified many times and caus


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