A Quick and Simple Guide To Changing a Plug

One of the most common electrical tasks we face as householders is the need to wire a plug. However a surprising number of people are unaware of exactly how to do this and we felt as though it would be helpful to draw up a quick and simple guide designed to help our followers to change a plug should the need arise. Before starting, make sure that you have a medium sized flat head screwdriver to hand. Step 1: Open up the plug Loosen and remove the screw in the centre of the underside of the plug. Once this has been done, remove the plug s top cover but take care none of the pins or the fuse fall out. Some plugs also have two smaller screws that hold a clamp across the wire. This stops the cord being pulled out of the plug. If this is the case, take some time to loosen these particular screws and then loosen the brass screws that hold each wire into the pin. (There will be either two or three wires to loosen.) Step 2: Prepare the wires Place the wire inside the plug and mark how long it


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