Trouble With Condensation

Especially at times during the spring and autumn, condensation can be a real problem for home-owners up and down the country. Why is This a Problem? Condensation can often be the first step towards mould. In many cases it is condensation on the wall which feeds mould and keeps it alive and growing. Where Does Condensation Come From? Condensation forms when there is excess moisture in the air. When the wall is cold enough and the air is saturated with the moisture like in bathrooms, kitchen the moisture will start to condensate on the wall making it wet and damp. Conditions such as these are ideal for mould to take hold. How Do I Combat the Condensation? The answer is a good ventilation when humidity rises above certain level. Ideal for the purpose is humidistat extractor fan. This device will detect automatically excess of moisture in the air and will start ventilation process automatically. The humidity controlled fan systems permit homes to be ventilated automatically whether you ar


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