The J & P Guide To Roofing Problems

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all provide varying degrees of problems for the roof of our properties. During inclement weather, it is a common occurrence for roof tiles to become cracked and loose, ultimately resulting in them falling off. It is therefore very important to ensure that we remain vigilant to allow for the professionals to come and repair broken slates quickly. Associated Problems Displaced roofing tiles are just the first stage of a number of associated problems. Once tiles or slates become broken, it will eventually lead to leaking of rainwater which over time creates dampness. If this problem is allowed to linger, what may initially have appeared to have be nothing more than a quick replace and repair job can escalate to become a full roof replacement. It is also important to factor in the potential for injury to passers-by who will also need protection from loose tiles which can fall to the ground below. Below, we have drawn up the J & P guide to protecting your


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