The Electrical Fault Watch List

Faulty electrics are a common problem within London and have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Causing 12,500 fires and 2,000 electric shock accidents in the home each year, according to the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), it is absolutely essential that you take no risks and leave any problems to the professionals. Whilst the worst things that can happen for many aspects of home DIY are not actually that bad, any mistakes relating to electricity could result in your paying the ultimate price. Call in the Experts If you suspect your home or property is experiencing problems caused by faulty wiring, it is crucial that you turn to a fully qualified, registered electrician such as the team at J & P to take a look. Do You Know What To Look For? Would you know what to look for when trying to get to the root cause of an electrical problem? What are the tell-tale signs and causes? What measures must be taken to rectify the problem and prev


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