Should Boilers Only Be Serviced When It Is Cold?

Just as with anything using working components, boilers need to be maintained if they are to continue working at their optimum level.  Let’s be honest, how many people pay attention to their boiler when everything is working property?? Not very many! A little bit of thinking outside of the box though can make all of the difference when the time comes to switch your boiler back on again when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Nothing good can come from your boiler giving up the ghost, at the very least, you may be faced with a few cold showers in the morning, at the worst, can you imagine it giving up on Christmas Eve, leaving you with the choice of a Christmas without hot water and heating or an extremely expensive call out to a boiler repair expert. For this reason, pencil your boiler in for a service during the summer to ensure that when you need it again, it will be there for you. Why During The Summer? Although it may sound a little unusual, when you think about it, the fa


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